Friday, December 26, 2008

Bulk Buying and Christmas Cheer

So home for the holidays and back to work.
Working at the local buy-in-bulk superstore, life is certainly anything but boring.
It still surprises me sometimes, the things that people buy.

A man came through my line with 5 bottles of wine and his prescription... now I hope there were no plans to mix the two, I mean really? not even some cheese with that?

Other than all of the quirky (and sometimes lovable) members that come through, it was work as usual- sort of, as there were inordinate amounts of people before Christmas, getting all the last minute gifts I suppose. Then today, just two days after Christmas, no one. Today the club was close to empty for the majority. Not that I'm complaining... though I have to admit that standing around doing nothing does get a little old eventually.

Christmas though, was glorious- Full of family and christmas parties (and in some cases, a mix of both). The Holidays started off almost immediately after I got home with the annual Family Pre-Christmas party- most everyone made an appearance, all dressed up. There was wine and food, some caroling. Our family does a startling rendition of "The Twelve days of Christmas" including interperative movements. We all ended up matching (even Kwan, my sister's boyfriend) and made quite a nice family picture (minus the fact that my mom can't take a photo to save her life, and kind of looks like she's been hitting more than just the wine...)
Weirdly enough, we matched like this all week- black and red on Christmas eve, for Midnight Mass and the annual pre-Church party- and then red, white, and dark green for Christmas day. Go Figure.

At least this year no one was sick for Christmas- in previous years at least one person in my immediate family has been too sick to really do anything for Christmas, and ends up hiding upstairs during the festivities and far enough away not to infect our 234235.5 relatives that come over for Christmas Day dinner and celebrations.

Another happy holiday moment- my mom decided to go easy on the wine this year at the annual pre-church party- avoiding last year's shakey walk down the isle and giggling in the middle of the service. Oh, mother. Love her to death, but sometimes it's scary when looking at her is like looking into the future. Genetics is a funny thing- I wonder how much it influences personality, or if I'm just subconciously a clone of my mother.

I'll post pictures of Christmas soon. Hope it was a fabulous one for everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pirates and Pokey Sticks

Is it a bad thing to stay up until 12:45 in the A.M. watching Pirates of the Caribbean and surfing the internet?

I'll have to admit that #1: I haven't used the phrase "surfing the internet" since the mainstreaming of email and the internet itself- I think even then I never used the phrase (I was way too cool at the tender age of what- 10 or something?) #2: My roommate isn't here, and I'm staying up way late for no reason other than the fact that I have nothing to do tomorrow except drive home.

Ok, so maybe that's not the bad part- maybe it's the fact that, as stated previously, I'm young fabulous, etc., I don't have anything strenuous to do tomorrow, and my roommate isn't here tonight. Shouldn't I be doing something...right now? shouldn't I be out living fabulously (or staying in in a grand fashion --wink, wink)
These thoughts led me to believe that maybe I'm one of those people who never does anything- one of those people who never gets out there or tries anything new... maybe my commitment problems stem from this too. [that would explain why I'm staying in in a less-than-grand fashion] Pirates had it easy.

Ohhhhf course, there's no sense in dwelling.
Interestingly enough- Mr. Oblivious came to see me the other day. It was weird- I thought when I finally saw him that my face wouldn't get all red, or my palms wouldn't get all sweaty. Instead all of the above + gigantic goofy smile and ridiculous babbling. Fun. I still don't get him at all- I swear he always drops these: we'll have to talk soon/ I will see you soon, hints... and yet: neither of those things happening [exhibit A: Me alone on a couch watching Scrubs at 1:30 in the A.M.]
Can someone please explain the male psyche to me (again)? ...and just saying that I'm creepy is totally not an option.


Going home tomorrow! Spending a month with the fam, and it should be amazing- though I have ridiculous amounts of Christmas shopping left (actually all of it, as I haven't done anyhting yet) I'm making a shelf for the momz- or painting it rather, and I think a quick trip to Barnes & Noble will take care of my sister. Now it's just my brother and his wife- and my dad.
I have no clue what to get the brosef, but for my dad- I might go all out this year: VT is going to the Orange Bowl Jan 1st. I'm thinking a father/daughter trip to Flo-rida might be a good present. We shall see, I'll talk to the momz and see what she thinks.
After all, it's my last Christmas Break that I'll be spending at home! Growing up feels weird...

I've just watched my quota of T.V. for the night, and shouldn't put off going to sleep any longer. It's off to my parent's for a month of Christmas love and retail Hell... Yo Ho me hardies. Yo Ho.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Realization and Resignation

I'm in the prime of my life. I'm young, fabulous, healthy, poor, and happy.
Yes...for the most part.

It's a strange thing when you suddenly feel yourself getting older. What changes that makes you recognize your youth or your seniority? I was sitting at work today, looking at all of the kids studying in the library (There's a history of Architecture exam tomorrow, so all of the second years are listening to the lectures they forgot to go to).
They all looked so young. Babies.
The problem? they are only 1 year younger than I am. Do I look like this? I suppose so, especially to everyone older than I am. This concept is mind boggling. I need to tune up my perception skills, and get away from this college campus for a while- see older people again.

And I will... Christmas break is merely days away. I have a couple more days of work left and then I'm high-tailing it out of Blacksburg.
Until then, I'm sitting down with my computer, a glass of water, a bowl of Popsecret's Kettle corn, and the intention of making dinner after my munchfest.
This time of limbo exists between exams and work and my inevitable return to retail for the holiday season.
Repeat to self: I am young, fabulous, healthy, and happy...
It's the poor part that we're trying to remedy. Therefore: back to the annals of buy-in-bulk shopping during the holiday season.
young, fabulous, healthy, and happy.

Well. Munching, check. Dinner, check. TV, check.
It's looking like a good evening.

Just think:
young, fabulous, healthy, and happy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exciting News and Worthwhile Happennings

I decided, that the last two and a half months haven't really been that completely dull. There have been a couple shining moments indeed.

Working backwards chronologically:

.05 Bad Stephanie.
-Today I was supposed to be in Richmond for field trip. I couldn't go due because I couldn't get off work. The only problem is that I already said I was going to Richmond. Problem #1: I forgot to call the professor doing the trip to tell him I wasn't going. Does that make me look bad or what?! I feel like a total db. He called me earlier this morning, saying that they 'missed me on the first protion of the trip, but hope to see me at the second'. Wow, steph, wow. Way to mess that up. Worst part? The professor organizing the field trip: same professor that is doing the below trip. Talk about a good impression.

1. Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.
-VT has a competitive Architecture study abroad program in Riva, in southern switzerland. They take 15 people to stay in Virginia Tech's casa, and study for a semester. This year, 50 some people signed up for the Fall 2009 trip. Good news? I'll be in Riva San Vitale for the fall semester of 2009!!
-Due to this chapter of my life that will begin in the fall- I have every intention of doing a spin-off blog that will document my travels in Riva. Pictures, Anecdotes, Project progress- hopefully I'll be able to create a little window for all of you, my family and friends, to keep up with my travels and antics. Go, Travelblog, Go!

2. TMA!!
-Over Christmat break I got to go to an Emery/ Hawethorn heights concert. The reason I went? My favorite band was opening for them: The Mile After.
Unfortunately- Bleighton, Phoebe and I missed their whole set, because they played FIRST (aka. Before the concert even officially started) It was the biggest letdown ever. We didn't even get a picture with the whole band as usual. That was beacause they were all spread out, and Phoebe and Bleighton didn't want to wait for them- we were tired. Fortunately- we found an awesome all night diner and proceeded to have illegal amounts of fun. Check out TMA and see pictures below. with Jim and Chase from The Mile After

Me and Phoebe at the Diner

Error: Nonexistant

November did not exist.

I guess I've been a little more than M.I.A. for most of October and all of November (not to mention the beginning of December?) So I stink. Royally, for neglecting my online journal.
I think because this blog is about my life, but only vaguely- that my life just got so boring that I forgot to write anything.

To recap the missing segments: Studio. Thanksgiving. Studio

That's basically all I did. Thanksgiving break was wonderful this year- I got to spend a ton of time with my family- despite one hiccup in the perfection that was my life that week (we'll call it: Incident at Bleighton's) Thanksgiving was a relaxing bonding time that was absolutely fabulous.
After that- right back to studio, and our Third year Competition.

Competition consumed the whole first portion of December, it's an 8 day competition between all of the 3rd year architecture kids. It's pretty intense, and rendered me basically invisible to my roommate for the duration. We've just begun seeing each other again.

The good news it that it's all over now, and my last exam is on thursday, and it's Theater- so I'm not too worried- to be honest I don't even think I will study for it!
That leaves 4 days of freedom in Blacksburg... possibilities.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

But Audiobooks are for Losers.

One Word: Audiobooks.

This word has rocked my world.
Being an avid reader, I have always brushed off audiobooks and looked down on them as a cop out for actually reading a book. Thus, I never even considered audiobooks in my small sphere of existence. In fact, I'm sure at one point I was quite literally thinking, "Audiobooks are for losers."

A couple weeks ago, my studio-mate introduced me to them anew. It was Pride & Prejudice that broke me. She lent it to me via flashdrive, as I was complaining, "I just want to read!" during studio time. Alas, I had work to get done and there was no time for reading.
Now, I've read Pride & Prejudice numerous times--Yes, the actual text--and it's one of my favorites. So while working on my library design (Ironic, no?) I got to listen while someone read me one of my favorite books. I was double duty at that point, but not quite sold-- I mean, I already knew P&P, and had already read it. Would listening to a new book be the same as reading it?

My studio-mate, an avid fan of audiobooks, lent me another; it was Eldest the sequel to Eragon by Christopher Paolini. So I listened. I listened in studio during endless hours of work. I listened during my long walks across campus, and the long walks to my car. I listened at home while making, then eating my lunch. I listened on the drive home to visit my family over the weekend. I listened on the way back so I wouldn't fall asleep.
Today, I finished. I can now say, as I download Brisingr (the third in The Inheritance series) that I'm sold. I officially love audiobooks.

I still love to read- but it's a time dedicated past time, you can't really do anything else while you're reading (with the exception of eating). I love to read, but I don't have the time. Now, though, now I can fill my head with literature every other moment. I can immerse myself in the world of Fiction. My head is filled with turning pages.
When I think about it. Literature (books) have taken over almost every aspect of my life at the moment. Is is it a sign? Multiple signs? Should I switch majors and just write?
I work at a Library. In studio, we're designing a library. I now listen to Audiobooks. I have lots of assigned reading to do. I'm trying to write a story. I blog about my life.

Words. Literature. Fiction.

This world is a crazy place. But at least we have people's dreams written on paper- we can lose ourselves and leave this world that we've plagued with our problems and melt into a world that someone has created for us- where the conflicts of good vs. evil and antagonist vs. protagonist rage on and consume our thoughts and consciousness.
I'll take it. In fact, I find myself constantly and fervently wishing that I could somehow fall into my own fiction, where magic abounds-- and there is a world to save.
It brings me to a thought, or a question rather.
"If faced with the decision of all our Heroes and Heroines, to leave and embark on an adventure that just might cost your life, would you leave everything behind and cross over into a while other world? A new reality?"
This is one of my favorite questions for people. I'll often pull it out while we're hiking and talking, or during a game of Questions.

Given the chance-- would you leave your family and everything you love to change the world? It's often the hardest decision our Heroes make in literature. It's easy to say yes, but really- would you? The answer to this says a lot about who you are, what you believe in, and (if you answer honestly) what you really want in life.

Somedays I wonder, if plunged into a world of magic and fiction- would I come back? If I did, would I be able to stand a normal world?

Cut to Me standing in an empty parking lot with strains of Augustana's "Boston" playing.

Maybe someone would write my story. To put it poetically/cliché I guess in a way, we all write our own stories. Which could be exciting if you live in a narrative kind of way. Though I must admit, I'd fall asleep listening to my audiobook...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Generation "What the Hell"

Recently, I caught myself using the phrase "What the Hell" and I want to start off by looking at this phrase.First of all, it's so flexible. It can be used as an exclamation, i.e. "What the Hell! That car almost hit me!" It can also be used as a question, "What the hell are you doing?" It can also be used in exasperation, "What the hellll. We have 50 structures problems to do."
Second, the first word is interchangeable, so that the phrase can be fitted out for any situation. For example: "Why the Hell (would you do that)?" "Who the Hell (are you)?" "Where the Hell (are we going)?" See? Quite versatile.
Upon examining this phenomenon of a phrase, I came to a small realization: This is what our generation does. We take common phrases, twist them to the point where they don't make sense, and then proceed to use them so much that they begin to make sense in our common language. We create phrases and words. We even shorten words and use those abbreviations as words. (um, that's def. so presh. but her bf is too hot for that slore. Translation: That is definitely precious, but her boyfriend is too attractive for her. She is a slut and a whore.)

I think this works so well because we are very much a "fad" generation. This is my observation- we can make anything into a fad, and have been doing so since early years. Let's take a look through time: Easy Bake Oven, Furbys, Gameboys, Xmen, Backstreet Boys, N64, Xbox, iPods, Harry Potter, iPhones, Twighlight, Jonas Brothers, and TVdrama (Gossip Girl etc.). Just to name a few.
Now, I know exactly what you're thinking: "Every generation has their fads." Yes. I would whole heartedly agree, and I would even argue it ties into human nature- but we take it to a whole nother level. For the sake of using a ubiqitous example, take Harry Potter. Starts out as a book, our generation catches on- next thing you know: explosion. Harry Potter went from book to obsession to movie. "So what," you say, " that doesn't prove anything- look at Lord of The Rings" Well, Look at the time period. The world loved Harry- had to have him so very quickly he became not just a character in a book, but an international figure and a movie star. It's the timeframe that's spectacular. Lord of the Rings was written in 1955. The movies came out in 2001-2003. That's quite a time span. Need another example? One word: iPod.

We are Generation M: really called, "The Millennial Generation" Defined by wikipedia as : the Google Generation, the Myspace Generation, the MyPod Generation, the iGeneration, the "connected" generation, and the Neo-Disney Generation.

Conclusion: we push things. Our generation is all about stuff; it's all about what everyone else has- it's how we have fun, it's how we bond: we all collectively love something so much that it becomes an obsession. A collective obsession. It's how we move our culture now: obsession.

Maybe it's just because I am a part of our generation that it seems so much more obsessive than others. Maybe back then, in eras like the 60s and 70s, fads were just as bad. Sure everyone had Mod stuff, everyone had go-go boots- just like, sure, everyone has uggs; but I honestly believe that we've really taken it to a new level- instead of just having it, instead of just being fads, we've turned them into obsessions. There's really no other way of putting it.

With all that said, I will readily admit to loving all of the aforementioned obsessions. After all- I am so def my generation.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"She works hard for the money" and other stuff too

So here I am at work, right after work.
Sound weird?

Well, that's been the whole semester really. I talked about how it felt: confusing and hard at first, fun and interesting second. But I haven't talked about work yet. I have two jobs- the first is a run-of the-mill work-study in the architecture branch of the library, my other job is teaching Zumba classes as a fitness instructor here at school. Both time consuming, both fun in their separate ways- both pay crap.

But that's where I sit- watching the Giant's game in live feed, sitting at the Library desk, doing nothing really except trying to explain to some poor first year kid how to sign up for a printing account in the print lab that's not even in the library, but in the other part of the building... I know it's intimidating to go here and not know how to use anything, but common sense is good too. Believe me, you'll need that.

This has been a ridiculously long day- its all I can think about! I've been up and going since 7:30 a.m. I won't be done until at least 11:30pm. I guess that's bad planning on my part, but that's just how it worked out I guess. I will almost definitely pass out at 11:15 right when I get home, even though I should do at least a little homework. We'll see- last time I fell asleep on the couch within 10 minutes of getting home. Life is rough!

To be completely honest- life is wonderful. Somedays it's a lot, but that's a good thing right? To feel, to breathe. If nothing were difficult- it wouldn't be worth living, we'd have nothing to work for- no reason to try. Sure, it's nice to have easy days- but the hard days are the ones that make the easy ones seem so nice.
I'm incredibly blessed to be at an institution studying one of the oldest arts in existence, looking at it in new way, discovering. There are days when nothing can replace that. I spend every day around people- helping them, talking to them, having intelligent conversations, debates. People I love, and it adds something to my day- even just to watch, to figure out how they work, how they interact with the world and each other. When I think about it- this probably is the best time of my life. I guess it's just hard to remember that when you've got two projects and a couple quizzes breathing down your neck when you realize that you're going home this weekend and you won't have time to do anything... whoops- again with the bad planning.

Note to self: Buy a Planner

At least the Giants won. Poor Daddy, he's a Redskin's fan. We normally have an epic standoff/football watching extravaganza for the NY/WASH game. This year I was at school- at work even, so it was all I could do to watch it online. Bummer. Good thing Eli was on top of the game tonight- Love you "Baby Blue"!

At least I've spared the old man the embarrassment of losing... again.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vampires, Football, and The Rest of Them

I have been remiss in my attentions to you, dear blog.
Though I have to admit, I've never been good at keeping journals for long periods of time- or being consistent in the frequency of the entries. I wonder what that says about me?
If it says commitment issues... I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
Enough apologies and explanations. It's recap time.

I'm absolutely one of those fad people. I realized that recently, upon completion of the "Twightlight" series. Yes, I read it. Not only did I read all four books within one week- I loved them. When I was younger, it was so important to me to resist pop culture; to cling fiercely to my individuality. It's why I refused to read Harry Potter until way after the trend got out of control. It's why I wouldn't admit to owning an N*sync CD. Only recently have I been able to admit to myself that I love trends. I can proudly admit, that along with a good chunk of my generation, I love Grey's Anatomy, I love Scrubs, I love Twighlight, and I love the Lord of the Rings. I also love flavored iced teas, fast cars, and good design. Pop culture is incredibly important. Not only for those who love it- but Ironically, it's important to those who hate it. Pop culture moves us. Based on what is popular, you either love it, or you hate it. This could be simply becuase it's popular. The never-ending cycle that makes up poular culture begins and ends with the cusp- the edge. The Trendsetters- whether they wish to be or not.
I can honestly say that I love that. I love the dynamic aspects of our culture- that moving, breathing passion that so many people take for granted. Sure, maybe some of that passion could be redirected into things other than what level of crazy Britney is this month- but think of how awful our world would be if no one cared about... anything at all.

Main point: Read the Twighlight series; it's fabulous.

I'm back at school now. First week done. Work over. No more pirate kids. I'm completely moved in, and I almost have everything I need for classes. Although I really, really think I need an upgrade for my brain. All the new programs are running a little slow right now...
The first half of the week was hard- I almost didn't make it through Wednesday- I have a brutal schedule, and for some reason, meeting new people seemed really difficult this year. I guess I normally end up in classes with really friendly people- or maybe now everyone is just so focused on what we're doing that they don't have time for silly things like introductions or smiles. Architecture is apparently too serious for that. Why do I love this major again? Oh, wait- up until thursday I totally forgot why. Thankfully, it's not about the people (who I'm sure will actually turn out to be awesome after the ice thaws), it's about the stuff. It's about mass, bodies, spaces, feelings, and metaphores. Ideas that start as something so vague and become so real and concrete (literally!). Anyways, it's good to be back... now.

Unfortunately classes weren't the only thing to dissappoint in the beginning of the year. First football game today: Total crap. I'm not going into details because it was painful. Just know that I think Sean Glennon is a trash bag. But he's still the quarterback (for now) and I respect him. Most of the time. Well... in the first half.

I guess this shall lead into the rest of the semester... and I guess that at this point, all I can say is: "Bring it on, baby."

Hopefully I start a fad.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sore Wrists and Communists

The summer is seriously close to ending.

My last day of work is the fourteenth and I can't say that I'm completely bummed about it. I have fun, but it's a lot of heavy lifting. Seriously.
Even though I move back down to school on the 20th-- I had to go switch apartments on August 8th. Which meant I was moving three persons worth of stuff... with two people?
See, originally, I was going to bring down several people to help me out. That wouldn't be hard- not a problem, right? Wrong. And only because people are naturally busy/flaky. You do it- I do it. We say that we'll help out with something-- and all of our sincere intent is to follow through with that, but then: something comes up. And somethings honestly do just come up. Situations change all the time- as do relationships and, well, life really.
So four leads to three leads to two, and Bleighton and I were on our way south to move a house.

We get there early, and all together I think it took us about 6 or 7 hours. The moving out was the hardest part, and we filled up the van about 6 times as well. That's a lot of junk.
At the end of the night, we were exhausted, but the new place looked pretty damn good. There are still a couple of things to smooth out- and still some stuff to bring down. But that can be in the next trip. I'm still sore from moving everything.
And I felt it at work; I went to lift a 24 pack of canned tomatoes and all I felt was pain shooting up through my wrist- A couple people later and I was lifting a pack of Gatorade G-something when my back practically yelped. Lift from the knees, lift from the knees.

Little blurb = unfinished post: started in August. I just found this and thought it was funny- I'm not going to finish it, because it doesn't really have relevance for me right now, but I thought I'd share it anyways. Enjoy it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Again with the Pirates...

I want some heelys.
They are probably the singularly most amazing fad to sweep children ages 14 and younger.
Lately every other kid at work has been gliding around in these ingenious inventions.
I wonder how long it would be before I broke something- either myself or any object within close proximity.
What I do know is that the fact that I seriously want to own and wear a pair of these, means I officially still have one leg very firmly planted in the land of childhood. Or immaturity. The question is, is this OK? I mean, we're talking regular occurrences. Is it OK to want to have built in rollerblades so that I can roll around at will?
Secret Admission: At work, when I close- I take a quick jog and then hop on the back of the carts, riding them all the way down the aisle.
So we can draw the conclusion that I am basically still ridiculous in some aspects, such as movement and impulse. What about the other stuff? the stuff that matters?
I guess there is no definite answer for that. I'm sure that I still have a lot of growing up to do, and in a lot of aspects of life, but the most I can hope for, I suppose, is that I don't hurt too many people along the way. An unfortunate side effect of immaturity, hurting others most often occurs when we think just of ourselves. And usually, being selfish goes hand in hand with being immature.

The Daily Oddity
for Today:

Child Pretending to be a Pirate: (in child-like piercing shriek) I'm a pirate!!
Me: Really? That's a pretty cool eye patch and telescope... Helping Mommy find treasure?
CPTBP: I love Treasure!! I'm finding it!!
Me: Where's your map? All Pirates have Treasure maps...
CPTBP: I'm a Pirate! (waves Telescope) Are you Pirates?
Me: I'm not. (hands CPTBP the receipt) But I can give you this treasure map- hold on tight to it!
CPTBP: (Clutching Receipt)MOM! Treasure Map! Find the Treasure!
Mother: (Leaving) The Lady at the Door needs the receipt, honey.
CPTBP: No! It's my map!
Me: ...whoops. Ahoy!

The other day and older gentleman looked at me and said softly, "You have gorgeous eyes." He had been quite the whole time he and his wife were checking out, and she just smiled at me, and they left. He had no reason to say that- but he did. And that made the rest of my day better. I guess when you get old enough to get over being embarrassed you find it easier to say what you're thinking. I wish I could have told him just how much that his compliment meant to me.
Or at least had a second to say a decent "Thank You."

I guess he has matured far enough past the selfish, immature point. I wonder if he'd like heelys...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maybe it's the Motor?

There are some days when nothing really works out perfectly. Usually those days are all bad. My day wasn't all bad, in fact, it wasn't even bad at all, really. I woke up late(ish) and then had breakfast with Phoebe and Skylor- we hung out until 2:30 and then I created, in feverish OCD style, the next hour and a half until I had to leave for work. Did a little splashing around, and cleaned up a bit. It was really nice, until I realized 15 minutes down the road that I had forgot my uniform for work (AKA my lovely blue vest). Great, of course that makes my perfectly timed out plan utterly useless... not to mention makes me late to work.

At least Yesterday was wonderful- we're talking get out of work early, cookout kind of a day. The gang came over for dinner and we just grilled up some burgers and chicken and really relaxed. I have an absolutely amazing group of friends; we were all just sitting around the table and I had one of those moments. Those "everything is just perfect, and my life is amazing" moments. You know how we live most of our lives on a permanent fast forward- and we're always thinking about what we have to do tomorrow, or next month? It was one of those times that you feel like you're just on play. You can feel every breath. So I don't have every detail of my life figured out? Just for a while, I felt like I didn't have to- I guess you could call it "living in the moment".
It's funny how we always want life to be like the movies. I think that's really because, yes, everything works out in the end of movies, but the characters in them go through so many uncomfortable situations in the middle that it's not as different as we think. I think a big part of it is the perspective-- You squirm right with the characters in a good movie, but the time and scope is different. What may take place over a month, a year, a week, is only taking you 182 minutes. It's easier to get to the happy ending in a movie. But would we really want to get to the end? I'm pretty sure that goes right back to the whole 'living in the moment' thing...
I guess some of these thoughts came from the fact that I just watched Serendipity, and it made me start thinking about fate and all of that- the frustrating part is that for all these different reasons they never can get together until the end, all these things they miss and places where they almost meet. At what point do you trust in fate? At what moment do you know it's going to work out? We, as an audience, know they will get together in the end- but the characters themselves don't know that. So are we all essentially in our own little movies? Just a quarter of the way through? ...A lot of questions for one night. A lot of hefty ones.

I have a feeling I would be pretty bad at the whole trusting in fate thing. Letting go is a lot harder for some people than others... For me? Not so easy. Maybe Fate can give me a swift kick in the shins or something.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Nottingham- Full Steam Ahead!

I've just spent a good hour of my life watching a BBC America show and being completely entertained. And staring at my latest future husband.
Meet Jonas Armstrong; A.K.A. Robing Hood.I don't know what it is about him- maybe it's his kick arse bow skills, tortured soul, sense of justice, dedication to his love, adorable eyes, or the scruffy facial hair that gets me every time.
I mean, we all know Robin is our protagonist extraordinaire, and dashing storybook hero- but this guy makes Cary Elwes (of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride) look like Robin Williams. Not that I don't love Mr. Elwes, and other Robin Hoods before him, but there actually is dimension to Armstrong's version that hasn't been present before. A rough edge- the problem side. The sort of Jesus Christ Superstar version where our perfect Hero is a little bit flawed (there's where 'tortured' comes in). I mean, it's tough to mess with a character so universally good and loved, if the audience doesn't receive this new dimension well- you're screwed and lose credibility (or money).
Note: this show may start out with your traditional Robin Hood story, but we're told that it is going to end a lot differently- the series finale is coming up next week, and *gasp* a main character will die. I'm crossing my fingers, because if Robin dies, I'll have lost faith in every single TV show that I've ever loved excepting Eli Stone (Which did not let me down- unless ABC doesn't bring it back- in which case scratch the whole exception thing).
In other new addictions, I've added Cobra Starship to my car CD collection. Since my car doesn't have an ipod hook-up, I keep a rotating collection of CDs stocked. Mixes are my specialty, but every once in a while an actual CD will creep into the mélange and become semi-permanent for a while. Past Albums have included Cartel [Chroma], The Mile After [The Five Things I Ever Did Wrong, Armada], The City Drive [Always Moving Never Stopping], Forever The Sickest Kids [Underdog Alma Mater], Mae [The Everglow, Destination: Beautiful], and Jason Mraz [Mr.A-Z, Waiting For My Rocket To Come]. Right Now There are three Records in there: ¡Viva la Cobra!, While the City Sleeps- We Rule the Streets, and Armada (Two out of three belong to Cobra Starship...) They make me feel O.K. about dancing like a drunk white girl... Oh, Wait.

It's a good thing I like to cook. A lot. Because I'll be doing it for the rest of the week- usually the summer is the time when my family makes fabulous food which I then eat. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for them) my parents ran off to Italy. So that leaves me at home, cooking and more than a little jealous. But, hey, they do deserve it. Someday I can drink my way through Tuscany. And come home to a liver transplant, eh?

While the 'Rents are away, the kids will play...
This was to be the philosophy for this week. I guess it makes me realize how boring I really am! I've read two books, cooked a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches, worked a helluva lot, and thrown zero crazy house parties. And my sister has been almost totally absent so far. Cool. I hope the rest of my life consists of a little more than BBC America at night (No offense to the Future Hubby, of course!)
I guess I can deal with it- considering the whole of my life is supposed to be spent working. I hate that, though. It doesn't have to be that way- I plan on loving my job (or at least mildly enjoying it) traveling a lot, and call me naive, loving my life. I mean, even the little things that make you laugh aloud even though you've been standing at a register for four hours dealing with people who hate your guts because you cant scan their $264.25 worth of crap in .78 seconds. Because those moments are present in everything. That's what keeps me going, as I remind myself that I did this instead of my internship because I needed to spend more time with my family while I still can. ...The family that is either in Italy or at their boyfriend's house.
It's just a week, right?
To make this go better, I'm installing a feature: The Daily Oddity. Some days there are many to choose from- but each post will include an example of a weird dialogue between me and said offbeat member. Today's Oddity is probably the Least odd of the whole week (figures, right on the day I start it), and was almost alarming, because it was the weirdest thing that happened to me today. That may be because everyone else was abnormally unfriendly and grouchy- ugh, Saturday in retail...

The Daily Oddity for today:

Customer # 67: (while writing check and balancing child on hip) how old are you, anyways?
Me: I'm 20.
Customer # 67: No Way! You are not that old!
Me: I am.
Customer # 67: But you look...
Me: 15?
Customer # 67: Yes! I mean there is no way I would have thought you were legal!!
Me: (awkward laughter) Thanks, it'll come in handy when I'm 50.
Customer # 67: Oh, Absolutely Honey! You just keep that up-lookin' young's not a sin!

Well, other than the fact that I'm pretty sure I was never worried that I was sinning- I felt that sinking feeling that, even though I appreciate "looking young", I will probably be carded until I turn 36, by which time my opinion will have completely reversed and that phenomenon that happens about halfway to thirty will occur- and I will begin to deny that I ever got that old in the first place... Aging is so predictable.

I suddenly feel the need to do cliché acts common among young people...
Oo. Party at my house! We're going to dance like the drunken white girls we are and watch BBC America Marathons!
Oh, and BYOB... because I'm still too young to buy it, and I forgot my I.D.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm not Hispanic.

I'm not. Even though some days I would absolutely love to be. Ever since our last Zumba class I've been on a Latin kick like no other. It's so bad that I've been listening to Zumba music in my car, and a lot of Reggaeton. I sing in Spanish, and I don't even know what I'm singing. I think it's the rhythm of it all- the color that's even in the music. Sure, some of it gets monotonous- but like any music culture, there are songs you love- and songs you hate. I'm in love with 75% of it.
I've considered taking a latin lover... Kind of a Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, and Antonio Banderas guy. Maybe this will help? ¡Sí! ¡Muy Caliente!

I guess some of it is the dancing- I've been in a dancing mood too. "Step Up 2: The Streets" came out on DVD on tuesday- and yes, I now own it. I don't know exactly what it is about cheesy movies in which dancing solves all problems, cultural divides, and troubled life paths- but they just make me feel fluffy inside... not to mention start my own dance crew. I actually liked "The Streets" better than the first Step Up movie. It's different in that, for once it's not all about getting in to the prestigious school and securing a better life for the troubled lead character- it's about the culture of underground dance- plain and simple. The movie is probably widely criticized for having no noble driving lesson or message behind it- it's honestly about overcoming first impressions and celebrating an underrated and largely unrecognized culture of underground choreographed dance. So, that sounds fancy, I know. But it's an awesome movie with a decent soundtrack- and best of all it accomplishes what should be the main goal: It makes you want to move. Muévete!
I love Movies. Any movies. I love cheesy movies, artsy movies, movies that make you think, dramatic movies, weird movies. The only ones I don't like are horrifically bloody and violent movies. I think that critics are given entirely too much credit- gone are the days when people appreciated a movie that can take you away from reality- if just for a little bit. All movies have their purposes, and a movie that does its job is, in my opinion, a good movie. To put it simply: We've all gotten too "artsy fartsy" for our own good. Let it go.
I guess what I'm really doing is defending the movies that I love- the ones that some would say are generic, have no point, or are just "lame". I guess in a way, I'm defending my intelligence because I really enjoy said movies.

Today, a customer told me that I had beautiful hair, then proceeded to ask me if it was thick in the summer... The other day, a woman told me I was "too nice to work here" and that I should work for Harris Teeter; is it really that friendly and nice there? Yesterday, a lady told me I looked like Miley Cyrus. Last week, I had a conversation with a woman who informed me that she buys organic milk so that her daughter won't get her period at the age of 6. This job is so much fun.
I guess I should start drinking organic milk- I mean, if the regular stuff can honestly speed up the development of children, I'm probably some kind of mutant by now. ¡Ay, Dios Mio!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fangs and Humidity

What A Week. It was Hot.
One of those head spinning, everything happens, and you're sitting down but you feel like you're about to fall out of the chair. My head is literally, well actually it's not spinning at all- it just feels like I've ridden that fair ride that sucks you to the wall, and I can't get off... minus the nausea, of course.
Monday began with an ending actually-I'm single once again, by choice. But why is it that even when you know you're doing the right thing, you feel like the worst person in the world? I guess it's just guilt- I've made someone feel bad, and essentially lost a friend; because we all know that even though we agreed to "still be friends" we probably won't talk for a while, if at all. I guess that's the sad part about it... because I never want it to turn out that way... it just does. More on that in the Letters.
WARPED TOUR was Tuesday!Every summer, Bleighton, Phoebe and I make sure we go to warped tour. It's our summer event. A whole day positively packed with music that we love, we go to hear bands we love; find new bands we've never heard of; get tons of useless stickers, fliers, and buttons; and get ridiculously burnt. This year was no exception. Even in line, it did not disappoint: there were PETA people with petitions- people urging you to register to vote- band members awkwardly hawking their wears and coercing you to wear headphones that thousands of other really sweaty people have worn before you- OH, and some guy with a trench coat that had fangs (Probably there to see Lamb of God or such...). Our main objective for the day was to see Forever the Sickest Kids (FTSK) and others of course- but Bleighton has been obsessed with them for about a year now, and of course Phoebe and I came to love them equally. (To Music Critique Mode!)FTSK, as we will refer to them now (as it is vastly shorter), are a truly amazing example of how to do pop/rock right: there are hooks, riffs, harmonies, and catchy choruses. An added bonus are those catchy verses that sound difficult to sing at first- the words move fast, right into the next line. Bleighton calls them "raps", and although they are clearly not rapping, I can see her argument. The best part about pop/rock is not lyrics that are so hard to interpret that you have to think about it for an hour and then proceed to google it, but they're lyrics that, on the right day, maybe while you're driving down the road- thinking about just how bad you want someone, or how incredibly dumb your ex is- they hit the right spot. The lyrics all come together and you want to sing them as loud as you possibly can- so loud that it's a good thing the windows were up when you pulled up at a stoplight next to that kid you went to highschool with...
We stared out the day with The Academy Is,
then went straight over to see Jack's Mannequin (any of these guys you can check out on, Myspace, or GOOGLE THEM!) We proceeded to explore the booths- frantically searching for the FTSK booth- because they weren't mentioned as playing on any of the main stages... this was alarming. "Ernie Ball stage maybe?- they've got to be playing today!!" Well, sure enough they were. Fabulous, the day was getting even better. Cinematic Sunrise was next up (they were pretty good, energy a little low- sound was good though). We caught snippets of all kinds of bands while hanging out in the shade out of the 230 degree sun, some impressive, some not so much... Then it was time for FTSK- Ernie Ball: one of the smallest stages there... not a good idea- we got there 20 minutes before they went on and the crowd was already pretty big- hmmm, well they are pretty well known... 5 minutes before the set starts the crowd is huge, and we're talking out-of-control huge. There are people all the way back to the fence and around to the closest booths. None of them were disappointed. I had very high expectations- all met. Their energy was crazy- FTSK delivered well. Sound- exactly like on record, Entertainment value- Huge. An unexpected plus was on a more superficial side: these guys are HOT! Not what I expected, to be honest, but nonetheless... FTSK made the day- even if we were so dead tired that we missed Relient K because we all plonked out in the pavilion listening to bands we had never heard of... ever. Missing Relient K kind of sucked- but we caught the Higher (slightly disappointing), were introduced to the highly entertaining 3OH!3, met Madina Lake (not my style- but amazing stage show). Later on- upon venturing back out, we saw Cobra Starship (good!), We the Kings (last set before we left- great one), and etc. Most the day we were so tired, and it was so hot that we just ended up people watching, consensus? Over half of the girls there had chemically burned off their hair from too much color and "girl jeans" are made for girls... really, they are- and despite what some obviously may think- pants are made to go over the arse. In fact, the reason you even wear them? go figure. But- another observation: the lead singer of Every Time I Die is gorgeous. A little bit crazy and screams a lot, but still great.
After Dragging our heels around for a little while longer we made it to Sonic for dinner. I really don't like fast food. We made the drive home though, in one piece (surprisingly... I was driving). I think that everyone else was asleep by the end of it- though bleighton really gave it her best and I think lasted until the last hour or so. All in all: it was a complete day well-spent (5:30 am - 11:45 pm), and felt good.
So good I spent the next two days recuperating. It was fantastic- I've finally repaired that wicker loveseat!
P.S. Zumba really did kick some major butt this week- it was awesome!! I almost had a hernia during the Merengue, but it was worth it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smart Cuddles

So Friday Night/Saturday Morning finds me in bed with the cutest little thing in the world.This is my pseudo-child "Mittens". The thing about Cats, is that they get such a bad rap. "No Love"-- "Cold-Hearted"-- "evil"-- "Bad Luck"--"Just Creepy". I'm going to have to say that I disagree, so this morning/late-night fusion is going to start off with just a little bit of a sound-off. Now I love dogs- absolutely love them, but my baby is a cat. Cats are worth it- most dogs love anyone and everyone. And sure, cats are a little harder to get to know, but really they want love too! With them though, respect must be earned- as with any relationship: you've got to get to know someone. After that initial step, you get close. Now I'm not claiming to be best friends with my cat- I've got a real best friend who would be a little miffed... But she's my "mittie-boo" (I know, really, I know) But the point is whenever you get close enough to cuddle with a cat, you can better believe it means something. Most cats are very choosy about who they love (with the exception of a black and white ball of hell) So feel special if you get to cuddle with a feline- and take it from me, they are a whole lot less slobbery too.

In other news, today was Pay Day! Which just makes me feel good regardless of the fact that I cannot spend any of the money that I labored for- a penny saved is a penny earned, right? Luckily for me- I have the best (non-cat) Friend in the world! Bleighton took me out for a movie!
One of the reasons that I love seeing movies with Bleighton, is that we both have the same, very discerning taste in movies. Our criteria involves pretty much humor and a really cheesy storyline. Ok, so we both have the same horrible taste in movies- but that makes it way more fun; we love pretty much everything we see, and we only see movies together that we can tell we are going to love.
Tonight we saw Get Smart with Steve Carell etc. I think we probably laughed through the whole thing. That guy is good, and not just funny, I'm-going-to-do-everything-wrong good- but he actually gets to kick some ass in this one- albeit, while still managing to be a bumbling, yet lovable moron- but he kicks it all the same.
Someone who once tried to convince me that my taste in movies could be improved, asked me why I loved movies that didn't make you think. I wasn't sure what to say- but I think there is something a lot more complicated to humor than meets the eye. Everyone knows someone who thinks they are hilarious and isn't... It takes talent to make dumbed-down, ridiculous lines actually laughable. Lets put it this way: If my brother said the same things or did the same things, I wouldn't be laughing. But my Brother isn't Steve Carell (too bad, because then he could hook me up with tickets to South America). Lesson Learned? While I really do enjoy movies that "make me think" I also love those movies that don't for once- I'm always thinking; they're my 182 minute breaks!
So all of that late night excitement brings me back here: cuddling with Mittens on my bed- still laughing about the Russian Farmers with the Cellphones.

My advice? Get Smart... and get a Cat.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bake it THEN Shake it

Today was supposed to be one of those days when you get everything done and then feel awesome about it. One of those days where you don't spend too much time reading, you don't watch any TV, you go do something active, something creative, you laugh a lot with people you love, and you eat wonderful, healthy things that fill you up without adding ten pounds to your inner thighs.
Today ended up being one of those days that you sleep until noon, don't read at all, watch far too much TV, snack endlessly on disgusting things that you regret eating 2 hours later, and feel the need to become bulimic (at least you wouldn't feel like you had to throw up for 4 hours..).

Well, it wasn't exactly like that- that's the 'glass half empty' version. So last night I spent some quality time with a couple of the loves of my life, had dinner with my mom, laughed about dumb stuff with my sister, and managed to look decent for about 6 hours. Needless to say, we ended up having just a 'tad' too much fun- which resulted in me waking up today at... well, Noon.
The rest of the day was spent eating snacks and watching the food network. I love Guy Fieri (pictured on the left). I hate Tyler Florence.
The thing about the Food Network is it's hit or miss... half of the shows are ridiculously boring- and half of them, I love for their quirks. Tyler Florence makes me want to kick some 'organic chickens' across a couple acres and then settle down for a nap. Maybe I'm too harsh, but I love my favorite Food Network shows with the burning passion of anything en flambe- and let's be honest, some are just a little on the charred side.

So besides Food Network programming-- clearly one of the only "of note" things I did today-- I taught Zumba with Bleighton. and if you don't have any Idea what Zumba is- you're really missing out! Bleighton and I are doing this summer class at ACAC, and team teaching- which is normally beyond fun, we have great energy together and it really brings it up a notch... all except for tonight. Everyone has one of those classes I suppose, where you can't remember the very first song you ever choreographed. In fact- that was exactly what happened tonight. Fabulous- so I'm up there making up all kinds of ridiculous stuff and getting all jumbled up- which of course threw off the remainder of my songs. I almost expected someone to 'boo'... you know- "Get her off the stage!" kind of a situation. At least that's over. Next week will just have to be extra fabulous to make up for it- so watch out ACAC, we're gonna throw out some hips and break some ankles!

P.S. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder, which I do take very seriously. Joking is Joking, and I would never suggest that someone develop one in all seriousness. If you have an eating disorder, please talk to your doctor about it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Passing Gas

So Life is a Gas.

No one remembers that old Bill Nye The Science Guy episode, where they explore the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and then the one that everyone associates with jello- plasma). Well Life is exactly like that.
Some things are solid- like taxes, death, family, Time and disappointments.
Some things are liquid- like the people that move in and out of your life, sunshine, shade, seasons, weather patterns, how much someone annoys you, and the clarity of your skin.
Other things fall into the rarities- the Gas category. These are things like complete comprehension, clarity, our ozone layer, complete happiness, the "easy" life, and my bank account. The bigfoots and Nessie's of the world. The things that are both fake and real, the things that never stay for long , or are almost nonexistent.
Much like in science, though, these states of matter can change- in fact they do so on a regular basis- for instance the process of evaporation, condensation, etc. or the age old example of ice freezing, then melting. There are also the instances when these states of matter can go quickly from one to the other. So essentially: nothing is set in solid stone... aka. everything you thought was solid, can fall into the gas category: Taxes: tax fraud, tax evasion, living in DC- people avoid them every day! Death: there are so many stories of humans cheating death- while I do concede that, yes, everyone does die- sometimes you don't die when you are supposed to, or when you "should have".
I could go on and on- but the point is that everything changes- in a world of divorce, celebrities, oil, and all the bad things- I say: Let's hang out in the liquid state for a while- that's where all the fun is!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tires and Wigs

My mother has cancer. We found this out in January; stage four, breast cancer. It's in her bones.

My mother is an incredibly strong woman, which is probably why we didn't know that she had cancer, let alone at such an advanced stage. For the past months, she's been on two different new treatments, with varying success. Last night, she told me that she starts chemo on Friday.

Today was hard. I had to present my project today in studio; talk about the components of my design and convince my professors that my concept of wandering through a memory makes a good plan for a spa, when all I can think of is that the next time I see my mom, she'll be wearing a wig.

It's just so real now.

I'm not going to say that my mother is my best friend, because she's not. She's more. She's my 'mommy,' and everything a mother should be. She is not only my friend, but so much more.
Which is also why I know that she can get through this. I have total and complete faith in her. I may not know exactly what or who I believe in, but I do believe that she is one of the most amazingly special people in the world, and certainly the most amazing in my life.

She taught me how to drive, hell, she taught me how to live; to her I owe my personality, it's mostly hers. And while my driving skills may be a little substandard (sometimes I don't know where those curbs come from) All of my good qualities I owe to her.

Mommy, I love you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creation Theory

Basically, this weekend was just too exciting to pass up chronicling.

My best friend Bleighton came down from JMU this weekend, to visit- some girl time. She came down without Jon for once. They're almost inseperable since they started dating, so it was wonderful to hang out just the two of us. We had incredible amounts of ridiculous fun.

Bleighton got to my house Friday evening and we went to a spontaneous cookout thrown by a couple of my fellow architecture kids, so she got to meet one group of my friends. The weather was so nice we just had a bonfire, a couple of hotdogs and hamburgers, and then a random band that played; someone's friend knows this know. Surprisingly they were good! Unfortunately, the cops came after the third song and gave our hostess a little talk about noise violations, and then left. Called that one. I mean, live band- outside- 10:00 at night... really? I feel like the cops are a given.
Cookout was still fun, we left with our stomachs full and our laughing muscles sore.
Good food + good company = Great evening

Saturday I took Bleighton to the Cascades. It's a fantastic trail in the Jefferson National Forest, about a Four mile hike to the falls. We took along one of my roommates, Katie, and our friend Ben. The trail was great -lots of adventures...

Saturday night we all went out to a benefit party. Such shennanigans... Let's just say I danced so much my abs hurt in the morning! The evening finished up with the delivery of two pokey stix to our house and then the incredibly speed at which they disappeared.

Woke up in time to walk down to Carol Lee's and get the best donuts in the world, and laugh at pictures from the previous evening.
All in all, a very successful weekend! Bleighton left couple hours before I had to work, and I miss her already! Bye, bye B-baby!

All Around the World

So blog? This is the first of (hopefully) many pieces of my life to be published.
An online journal? I suppose...

I love to write, but like a thousand other interests, it's one of those things that I love, but never follow through with. I guess you could say that I'm a Jack of all trades, ace of nothin'. The sad thing is, that's probably by choice. The other ironic part to me is that I put my whole everything into everything I do- passion is life, but then again, I guess I've never really made sense!

I'm not going to give you a history of my life, or a total synopsis of my personality, hopefully you can figure that out as I go along. I just want a space to post my ideas: a place to spill out the excess from life that doesn't quite fit anywhere else. So what I will do with this post is a little mission statement if you will; a short idea for today.

Life is not always wonderful, but I don't intend to fill this blog with all of the horrible things going on in my life- if anything those will be understated, but it is what it is, and for once I would like to try and be totally honest without feeling judged. It's not that I do anything outrageous, or that I have extremely radical beliefs. In fact, I'm almost unbelievably normal by my standards, but I think to be human, we feel as if we're judged by every movement we make, everything we say and do. Which is true... it is completely human to judge people, it's how we survive- instinct. I truly believe that it's not a bad thing, it's how we live. The sad part, is when one refuses to change that judgement of people once they realize they are wrong. First impressions are not everything. But they sure are pretty damn hard to change. I just hope more people in the world would be willing to change them.

How's my first impression?