Friday, December 26, 2008

Bulk Buying and Christmas Cheer

So home for the holidays and back to work.
Working at the local buy-in-bulk superstore, life is certainly anything but boring.
It still surprises me sometimes, the things that people buy.

A man came through my line with 5 bottles of wine and his prescription... now I hope there were no plans to mix the two, I mean really? not even some cheese with that?

Other than all of the quirky (and sometimes lovable) members that come through, it was work as usual- sort of, as there were inordinate amounts of people before Christmas, getting all the last minute gifts I suppose. Then today, just two days after Christmas, no one. Today the club was close to empty for the majority. Not that I'm complaining... though I have to admit that standing around doing nothing does get a little old eventually.

Christmas though, was glorious- Full of family and christmas parties (and in some cases, a mix of both). The Holidays started off almost immediately after I got home with the annual Family Pre-Christmas party- most everyone made an appearance, all dressed up. There was wine and food, some caroling. Our family does a startling rendition of "The Twelve days of Christmas" including interperative movements. We all ended up matching (even Kwan, my sister's boyfriend) and made quite a nice family picture (minus the fact that my mom can't take a photo to save her life, and kind of looks like she's been hitting more than just the wine...)
Weirdly enough, we matched like this all week- black and red on Christmas eve, for Midnight Mass and the annual pre-Church party- and then red, white, and dark green for Christmas day. Go Figure.

At least this year no one was sick for Christmas- in previous years at least one person in my immediate family has been too sick to really do anything for Christmas, and ends up hiding upstairs during the festivities and far enough away not to infect our 234235.5 relatives that come over for Christmas Day dinner and celebrations.

Another happy holiday moment- my mom decided to go easy on the wine this year at the annual pre-church party- avoiding last year's shakey walk down the isle and giggling in the middle of the service. Oh, mother. Love her to death, but sometimes it's scary when looking at her is like looking into the future. Genetics is a funny thing- I wonder how much it influences personality, or if I'm just subconciously a clone of my mother.

I'll post pictures of Christmas soon. Hope it was a fabulous one for everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pirates and Pokey Sticks

Is it a bad thing to stay up until 12:45 in the A.M. watching Pirates of the Caribbean and surfing the internet?

I'll have to admit that #1: I haven't used the phrase "surfing the internet" since the mainstreaming of email and the internet itself- I think even then I never used the phrase (I was way too cool at the tender age of what- 10 or something?) #2: My roommate isn't here, and I'm staying up way late for no reason other than the fact that I have nothing to do tomorrow except drive home.

Ok, so maybe that's not the bad part- maybe it's the fact that, as stated previously, I'm young fabulous, etc., I don't have anything strenuous to do tomorrow, and my roommate isn't here tonight. Shouldn't I be doing something...right now? shouldn't I be out living fabulously (or staying in in a grand fashion --wink, wink)
These thoughts led me to believe that maybe I'm one of those people who never does anything- one of those people who never gets out there or tries anything new... maybe my commitment problems stem from this too. [that would explain why I'm staying in in a less-than-grand fashion] Pirates had it easy.

Ohhhhf course, there's no sense in dwelling.
Interestingly enough- Mr. Oblivious came to see me the other day. It was weird- I thought when I finally saw him that my face wouldn't get all red, or my palms wouldn't get all sweaty. Instead all of the above + gigantic goofy smile and ridiculous babbling. Fun. I still don't get him at all- I swear he always drops these: we'll have to talk soon/ I will see you soon, hints... and yet: neither of those things happening [exhibit A: Me alone on a couch watching Scrubs at 1:30 in the A.M.]
Can someone please explain the male psyche to me (again)? ...and just saying that I'm creepy is totally not an option.


Going home tomorrow! Spending a month with the fam, and it should be amazing- though I have ridiculous amounts of Christmas shopping left (actually all of it, as I haven't done anyhting yet) I'm making a shelf for the momz- or painting it rather, and I think a quick trip to Barnes & Noble will take care of my sister. Now it's just my brother and his wife- and my dad.
I have no clue what to get the brosef, but for my dad- I might go all out this year: VT is going to the Orange Bowl Jan 1st. I'm thinking a father/daughter trip to Flo-rida might be a good present. We shall see, I'll talk to the momz and see what she thinks.
After all, it's my last Christmas Break that I'll be spending at home! Growing up feels weird...

I've just watched my quota of T.V. for the night, and shouldn't put off going to sleep any longer. It's off to my parent's for a month of Christmas love and retail Hell... Yo Ho me hardies. Yo Ho.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Realization and Resignation

I'm in the prime of my life. I'm young, fabulous, healthy, poor, and happy.
Yes...for the most part.

It's a strange thing when you suddenly feel yourself getting older. What changes that makes you recognize your youth or your seniority? I was sitting at work today, looking at all of the kids studying in the library (There's a history of Architecture exam tomorrow, so all of the second years are listening to the lectures they forgot to go to).
They all looked so young. Babies.
The problem? they are only 1 year younger than I am. Do I look like this? I suppose so, especially to everyone older than I am. This concept is mind boggling. I need to tune up my perception skills, and get away from this college campus for a while- see older people again.

And I will... Christmas break is merely days away. I have a couple more days of work left and then I'm high-tailing it out of Blacksburg.
Until then, I'm sitting down with my computer, a glass of water, a bowl of Popsecret's Kettle corn, and the intention of making dinner after my munchfest.
This time of limbo exists between exams and work and my inevitable return to retail for the holiday season.
Repeat to self: I am young, fabulous, healthy, and happy...
It's the poor part that we're trying to remedy. Therefore: back to the annals of buy-in-bulk shopping during the holiday season.
young, fabulous, healthy, and happy.

Well. Munching, check. Dinner, check. TV, check.
It's looking like a good evening.

Just think:
young, fabulous, healthy, and happy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exciting News and Worthwhile Happennings

I decided, that the last two and a half months haven't really been that completely dull. There have been a couple shining moments indeed.

Working backwards chronologically:

.05 Bad Stephanie.
-Today I was supposed to be in Richmond for field trip. I couldn't go due because I couldn't get off work. The only problem is that I already said I was going to Richmond. Problem #1: I forgot to call the professor doing the trip to tell him I wasn't going. Does that make me look bad or what?! I feel like a total db. He called me earlier this morning, saying that they 'missed me on the first protion of the trip, but hope to see me at the second'. Wow, steph, wow. Way to mess that up. Worst part? The professor organizing the field trip: same professor that is doing the below trip. Talk about a good impression.

1. Riva San Vitale, Switzerland.
-VT has a competitive Architecture study abroad program in Riva, in southern switzerland. They take 15 people to stay in Virginia Tech's casa, and study for a semester. This year, 50 some people signed up for the Fall 2009 trip. Good news? I'll be in Riva San Vitale for the fall semester of 2009!!
-Due to this chapter of my life that will begin in the fall- I have every intention of doing a spin-off blog that will document my travels in Riva. Pictures, Anecdotes, Project progress- hopefully I'll be able to create a little window for all of you, my family and friends, to keep up with my travels and antics. Go, Travelblog, Go!

2. TMA!!
-Over Christmat break I got to go to an Emery/ Hawethorn heights concert. The reason I went? My favorite band was opening for them: The Mile After.
Unfortunately- Bleighton, Phoebe and I missed their whole set, because they played FIRST (aka. Before the concert even officially started) It was the biggest letdown ever. We didn't even get a picture with the whole band as usual. That was beacause they were all spread out, and Phoebe and Bleighton didn't want to wait for them- we were tired. Fortunately- we found an awesome all night diner and proceeded to have illegal amounts of fun. Check out TMA and see pictures below. with Jim and Chase from The Mile After

Me and Phoebe at the Diner

Error: Nonexistant

November did not exist.

I guess I've been a little more than M.I.A. for most of October and all of November (not to mention the beginning of December?) So I stink. Royally, for neglecting my online journal.
I think because this blog is about my life, but only vaguely- that my life just got so boring that I forgot to write anything.

To recap the missing segments: Studio. Thanksgiving. Studio

That's basically all I did. Thanksgiving break was wonderful this year- I got to spend a ton of time with my family- despite one hiccup in the perfection that was my life that week (we'll call it: Incident at Bleighton's) Thanksgiving was a relaxing bonding time that was absolutely fabulous.
After that- right back to studio, and our Third year Competition.

Competition consumed the whole first portion of December, it's an 8 day competition between all of the 3rd year architecture kids. It's pretty intense, and rendered me basically invisible to my roommate for the duration. We've just begun seeing each other again.

The good news it that it's all over now, and my last exam is on thursday, and it's Theater- so I'm not too worried- to be honest I don't even think I will study for it!
That leaves 4 days of freedom in Blacksburg... possibilities.