Sunday, May 17, 2009

For the Duration of Forever

Dearest Blog Reader,

I think I may be mentally unstable sometimes. In a good way of course. 
Please pardon any lapses into inappropriate behavior.

Thank you Kindly,

Alright, with that out of the way. I have been completely lazy since the semester ended. I finished my kick-ass model for studio then peaced out. Mentally. Actually, I missed a lot of meetings etc. because of my physical absence as well. My weakness Mother Nature? Nice weather. 
And Oh, Baby did she deliver it. The last couple weeks have been interspersed with rain and gorgeousness, and some days a mix of both. With the weather so unpredictable so was I, I met everyone imaginable's family, said goodbye to a lot of friends for the summer (and next Fall-- Woah Europe), spent entire days packing up the contents of my house, and the rest outside reading. 
I am such a book junkie. Entire days spent with a book. I don't even care- I'll return to reality eventually... No, this (the Internet/ my blog) is not reality-- at least not entirely. Yes, maybe it's my reality. But I like to think of it as a stepping stone to reality. 
For all you know I could be telling you lies. I could be a 36 year old man living in San Fernando, California with a penchant for freezee pops.
I'm not ...But I could be.
So while I've officially established that this may or may not be reality, I've also been debating what to eat for lunch, seducing my semi-hot brownie bearing neighbor, and going to the library. 

I will consider my options here with you:
--> Lunch: I need to eat something, and soon. I have a free personal pan pizza coup from Pizza Hut, I have chicken in the fridge that I could make, and I need to go get some milk. What to do? Pick up something at the Lion? Make that Chicken?? Pizza???

--> Neighbor: I've mentioned Harrison before, he lives next door to me- brought over brownies once, asked morg and I to come over for basketball and wine at 3 AM once. Yea, him. Whenever I see him I always contemplate seduction.
 Cons: he lives next door and that would be extremely awkward when I decide to never see him again post-seduction, his family (including G-rents) is here for his graduation, and he comes home ridiculously drunk on occasion and pukes in the yard we share (I find this disgusting-- at least I make it to my toilet... for the most part).
Pros: it's the end of the year and I'll be moving out completely in four days, he's a swimmer (enough said on that), he makes damn good brownies, and he has a pretty good smile. 
--> Library: I've got some books to return. 
So while I go make these life decisions, you can continue on as if nothing happened here. 
Nothing to see folks, nothing to see. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back! like the backstreet boys.

I vanished from the Internet for a while. 
But I am back (alright! dun na na na na dun na dun na na, alright!)
^pretend that never happened.

Alright, Essentially a whole month... but I have an excuse (several actually) which I will proceed to list in this post, along with other thoughts about life lately.

1. I failed the LEED test and was wallowing in shame and vodka. I am useless.
Truthfully? I did fail, but only by 4 points! ridiculous, that is the equivalent of two questions. It was probably that one about SMACNA. Fuck SMACNA. and Energy and Atmospheres Credit 4.3...
To be completely honest, I barely missed the mark, and I'll be taking the exam again at the end of the summer. (Bring it Sustainable Sites Credit 5)

2. My Hard drive Crashed. Yes. 
The fates were punishing me for mercilessly making fun of that guy at the apple store with really bad teeth... He was telling me something about turning off my computer whenever I transport it, but I couldn't listen to him because his apparently lack of oral hygiene had me attempting to hide the fact that I was vomiting in my mouth. Touché fates, touché.
It took 4 million years to fix it apparently. I was only slightly less aggravated than that guy----->

3. My Twenty-First Birthday was at the end of April.
I'm finally legal! (Did I say anything about vodka earlier, meaning before I was 21? That was totally a joke.)
Combine this with back-breaking deadlines in studio, juggling time between being sober enough to work on my studio stuff and allowing my friends to celebrate my birthing (awkward way to put it?), AND trying to make sure the rooms doesn't forget what I look like (She's amazing, and has to deal with essentially living alone for weeks at a time when I have a deadline coming up.). Let's just say that That left no time for blogging. 
I'm not sorry... BWO kids. Check it out over there on the sidebar <-----------

I did miss blogging though, I missed sharing so much that I began to blog in my shower. 
That's right. My 10 minutes allotted to the cleansing of...myself is the only time that I have to actually think (therefore, blog). So as I blogged several mental entries that you will never see--the content is a little 
Seriously though, have you ever thought how embarrassing it would be to slip, and accidentally die, only to have your roommate come find you dead and naked in the shower. I officially have concluded that to die naked is my greatest fear. Add public death to that scenario, and that embarrassment is following you into history. 
That incident becomes your life, because you aren't there to do anything else except for publicly embarrass yourself by dying nakedly. 

^ P.s. Clearly, I don't have a shower buddy or I wouldn't be thinking in the shower at all...

So there are a couple paths that my life, as it concerns blogging, might take. And just like one of those choose-you-own-adventure books, we'll be excited to see what happens. 
Now that I'm 21, I could totally become consumed with actually having a social life (why that would suddenly change after becoming 21, I'm not sure.) I could, end up with a lot more drunken posts (I mean- any drunken posts- pshhh I never drank before turning 21!). I could continue, as usual, posting occasionally--when I remember how funny my imaginary blog post was in the shower that morning. OR maybe I'll even blog more often, now that the semester is finally over and I'll have time to breathe again.

Alright blogging world. Now that I'm back, turn to page 345 to see me go into studio and finish my work, or page 23 to see me drop out of school and become a professional bar-goer.