Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Generation "What the Hell"

Recently, I caught myself using the phrase "What the Hell" and I want to start off by looking at this phrase.First of all, it's so flexible. It can be used as an exclamation, i.e. "What the Hell! That car almost hit me!" It can also be used as a question, "What the hell are you doing?" It can also be used in exasperation, "What the hellll. We have 50 structures problems to do."
Second, the first word is interchangeable, so that the phrase can be fitted out for any situation. For example: "Why the Hell (would you do that)?" "Who the Hell (are you)?" "Where the Hell (are we going)?" See? Quite versatile.
Upon examining this phenomenon of a phrase, I came to a small realization: This is what our generation does. We take common phrases, twist them to the point where they don't make sense, and then proceed to use them so much that they begin to make sense in our common language. We create phrases and words. We even shorten words and use those abbreviations as words. (um, that's def. so presh. but her bf is too hot for that slore. Translation: That is definitely precious, but her boyfriend is too attractive for her. She is a slut and a whore.)

I think this works so well because we are very much a "fad" generation. This is my observation- we can make anything into a fad, and have been doing so since early years. Let's take a look through time: Easy Bake Oven, Furbys, Gameboys, Xmen, Backstreet Boys, N64, Xbox, iPods, Harry Potter, iPhones, Twighlight, Jonas Brothers, and TVdrama (Gossip Girl etc.). Just to name a few.
Now, I know exactly what you're thinking: "Every generation has their fads." Yes. I would whole heartedly agree, and I would even argue it ties into human nature- but we take it to a whole nother level. For the sake of using a ubiqitous example, take Harry Potter. Starts out as a book, our generation catches on- next thing you know: explosion. Harry Potter went from book to obsession to movie. "So what," you say, " that doesn't prove anything- look at Lord of The Rings" Well, Look at the time period. The world loved Harry- had to have him so very quickly he became not just a character in a book, but an international figure and a movie star. It's the timeframe that's spectacular. Lord of the Rings was written in 1955. The movies came out in 2001-2003. That's quite a time span. Need another example? One word: iPod.

We are Generation M: really called, "The Millennial Generation" Defined by wikipedia as : the Google Generation, the Myspace Generation, the MyPod Generation, the iGeneration, the "connected" generation, and the Neo-Disney Generation.

Conclusion: we push things. Our generation is all about stuff; it's all about what everyone else has- it's how we have fun, it's how we bond: we all collectively love something so much that it becomes an obsession. A collective obsession. It's how we move our culture now: obsession.

Maybe it's just because I am a part of our generation that it seems so much more obsessive than others. Maybe back then, in eras like the 60s and 70s, fads were just as bad. Sure everyone had Mod stuff, everyone had go-go boots- just like, sure, everyone has uggs; but I honestly believe that we've really taken it to a new level- instead of just having it, instead of just being fads, we've turned them into obsessions. There's really no other way of putting it.

With all that said, I will readily admit to loving all of the aforementioned obsessions. After all- I am so def my generation.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"She works hard for the money" and other stuff too

So here I am at work, right after work.
Sound weird?

Well, that's been the whole semester really. I talked about how it felt: confusing and hard at first, fun and interesting second. But I haven't talked about work yet. I have two jobs- the first is a run-of the-mill work-study in the architecture branch of the library, my other job is teaching Zumba classes as a fitness instructor here at school. Both time consuming, both fun in their separate ways- both pay crap.

But that's where I sit- watching the Giant's game in live feed, sitting at the Library desk, doing nothing really except trying to explain to some poor first year kid how to sign up for a printing account in the print lab that's not even in the library, but in the other part of the building... I know it's intimidating to go here and not know how to use anything, but common sense is good too. Believe me, you'll need that.

This has been a ridiculously long day- its all I can think about! I've been up and going since 7:30 a.m. I won't be done until at least 11:30pm. I guess that's bad planning on my part, but that's just how it worked out I guess. I will almost definitely pass out at 11:15 right when I get home, even though I should do at least a little homework. We'll see- last time I fell asleep on the couch within 10 minutes of getting home. Life is rough!

To be completely honest- life is wonderful. Somedays it's a lot, but that's a good thing right? To feel, to breathe. If nothing were difficult- it wouldn't be worth living, we'd have nothing to work for- no reason to try. Sure, it's nice to have easy days- but the hard days are the ones that make the easy ones seem so nice.
I'm incredibly blessed to be at an institution studying one of the oldest arts in existence, looking at it in new way, discovering. There are days when nothing can replace that. I spend every day around people- helping them, talking to them, having intelligent conversations, debates. People I love, and it adds something to my day- even just to watch, to figure out how they work, how they interact with the world and each other. When I think about it- this probably is the best time of my life. I guess it's just hard to remember that when you've got two projects and a couple quizzes breathing down your neck when you realize that you're going home this weekend and you won't have time to do anything... whoops- again with the bad planning.

Note to self: Buy a Planner

At least the Giants won. Poor Daddy, he's a Redskin's fan. We normally have an epic standoff/football watching extravaganza for the NY/WASH game. This year I was at school- at work even, so it was all I could do to watch it online. Bummer. Good thing Eli was on top of the game tonight- Love you "Baby Blue"!

At least I've spared the old man the embarrassment of losing... again.