Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cat Meds

Cat Asthma. The twice-daily bane of my summer existence...

Two weeks ago, I packed up a wailing kitten (read: pampered adult cat) and made my way to the vets office. My little one had been having major breathing problems... ever seen a cat breath completely through it's mouth? (thinkabout it: no.)

Cue mini-educational lecture on pet care and general health:

It turns out that dogs are not the only pets that get heart worms! While veterinary professionals believed that heart worms were harmless to cats, they've recently discovered that while the larvae die, their bodies cause inflammation in the lungs that can lead to respiratory problems and sudden death. In cats the cardiovascular system and respiratory system are closely related, and the heart worm larvae (transmitted by mosquitoes) end up in the lungs, where the cat's immune system kills the larvae. So where's the problem? The bodies of the larvae cause respiratory problems which can cause asthma-like symptoms. 

Alright. Mini-lecture over. 

The point is... my CAT has asthma. Because of her respiratory problems, she developed a secondary infection that involved a lot of mucus. 
That means antibiotics twice a day, a long with a steroid regimen for inflammation...

Cats don't like pills. At all. (Oh, the things you do for love)

Regardless, I persevere daily, fighting claws and bites with tenderness (one must not harm the little one in the process of making her better).

It's here where I make my exit and leave you with the moral:
Take care of your animals. Give them heart worm medication... Claws hurt.

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Andhari said...

Oh yeah and angry cats are definitely stronger than a dog. Hope your cat gets better soon