Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back in the USA

È Vero.

So now, whenever I sing "Party in the USA" it rings true.
Oh, to be back in the red white and blue.

I should continue in poem form, but that takes a lot more time and effort than I have.

So you might have noticed my four month absence from the blog. Oh? forgot where I was (remember this?) Then check out EUROPE at my shutterfly, VivaRiva. It substituted as my blog for the last four months.
I'm not going to lie, it does feel great to be back in the English-speaking world, and back to all of the things I know and love. Like cheap, fabulous Mexican food.

Basically, My aim today, is to catch you up to speed on my life. Because a lot happened in four months. Aka, THE BOY happened in four months.
That's riiiight. I went to Europe and came home with a boyfriend!
Now, before visions of hot, Swiss men dance in your heads (ha, holiday humor!), He's American.
It's true, we met in Europe, but he was one of my fellow students, so skipping the whole "language barrier" thing probably helped significantly advance the whole "getting to know you" part. He's actually awesome, but I'm sure I'll address him plenty in future posts, so for now- I'll leave the details vague.

Europe in five points:

1. I didn't die skiing. I didn't die snowboarding either. Which is actually what I decided to learn. Oh yea, and that hot instructor? Check.
THE BOY taught me, and is an able bodied tutor, and apparently (despite my attempt at quitting half-way through the first day) I'm a natural. Check it out: (yea, that's the Alps all right.)

2. Hit Italy, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, France, England, and (of course) Switzerland. That's significantly more countries that my previous two, and now I've been to a whole other continent. Not only that but spoke three languages... French, Italian, and (of course) English. I'm not counting the three (total) words of Swiss-German that I learned.

3. Met some pretty awesome people. Studio was intense, but we found time to have some fun, get to know each other and become a strange, little family.

4. Went shopping in all the right places (and bought shoes there!): Milan, Paris, Zürich... the
list goes on.

5. Most of all, I had the best time of my life thus far. Strong words, and maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, because my life is pretty great, but I learned so much (cliché, but true). I found out so much about myself, and I wouldn't take it back, for anything.

Yea, that's a beret I'm wearing...